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We are a manufacturer of professional and efficient hoists. We have created a summary of our hoists including information about hoist type, brand, capacity, features, and important measurements such as for arm or platform length, lifting height and minimum height.

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Pre-Install Checklist

Before you buy a hoist, there are a few practical items that should be taken into consideration.

Molnar Services have developed a pre-install checklist to ensure that the customer’s hoist is going to fit and the job will run smoothly, well before purshasing your hoist there are 5 key factors that should be considered.

To read more about what to look for Pre-Installation. Download Molnar Hoists Pre Install Check List

A Molnar Hoists representative will be happy to consult with you throughout the planning process, to ensure you receive expert advice and support in choosing the product best for you.

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Choose Hoist by Work Type, Vehicle and Space

Selecting the right hoist starts by understanding your vehicles types, your work types and your workshop space.

From there we can advise the hoist that is best suited for you. We have organised our range of products into 3 areas of application;

1. Vehicle Types
2. Work Types
3. Workshop Space


Vehicle Types
Vehicle Types Description Ideal Hoists
Sports Cars* Lighter vehicles with low ground clearance CM360 Double Scissor Lift</td
Off-road 4WDs Heavy, wide, tall vehicles with high ground clearance and potentially unbalanced loading CM245-A Symmetrical 2 Post
CM245-AS Asymmetrical 2 Post
H4443 Rails Wheel Free 4t
H4543 Rails Wheel Free 5t
Commercial Heavier, wider, taller vehicles SM450 Platform Lift
Trucks & Buses The biggest and the heaviest Mobile Columns


Work Types
Work Types Description Ideal Hoists
Bodywork, Paint & Panel Clear access around the outside of the vehicle at good working height. CM350-LS Mid-Rise Scissor Hoist</td
Air, Electrical & Pre-Delivery Easy access to vehicle with doors open and good working height. CM360 Double Scissor Lift</td
Wheel Alignment Vehicle is lifted under the wheels on a flat stable platform
incorporating turntables, slip plates and a wheels free lifting means.
SM450 Platform Lift
Tyre & Wheel Service Quickly lifts vehicle wheels free. CM360 Double Scissor Hoist
Exhaust Easy access under vehicle with vehicle supported under the wheels
so it sits as it would on the road.
SM450 Platform Lift
Engine & Drivetrain Clear easy access under vehicle for support equipment CM245-A Symmetrical 2 Post
CM245-AS Asymmetrical 2 Post
Brakes & Suspension^ Secure wheels free lifting with good access CM245-A Symmetrical 2 Post
CM245-AS Asymmetrical 2 Post
General Servicing^  Good access to maintenance points on vehicle CM245-A Symmetrical 2 Post
CM245-AS Asymmetrical 2 Post
Wash Bay Lifting the vehicle to allow for easy access cleaning under the vehicle. SB45 WB-G 2 Post



Workshop Space
Vehicle Types Description Ideal Hoists
Low Ceiling* Low clearance between floor and ceiling or overhead obstructions CM245-A Symmetrical 2 Post
CM245-AS Asymmetrical 2 Post
Restricted Space* Smaller workshop bays or tight turning circles CM360 Double Scissor Lift</td
Bitumen or Poor Concrete Floor is of a very low strength, thickness or quality Mobile Columns
240 Volt Power Only 240 volt power is available CM245-A Symmetrical 2 Post
CM245-AS Asymmetrical 2 Post
SM450 Wheel Alignment 4 Post

* Note: Scissor lift hoists can be installed in-ground to suit workshops with limited space, vehicles with low ground clearance, or workshops that are looking for full flat floor effect.

^ Note: With the addition of Jacking Beams or using the Rails Wheel Free system, 4 Post Hoists can be a very versatile solution for vehicle service and repair.

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