2 Post Car Hoists

Our Range of 2 Post Hoists

Molnar SM245 – 4.5 tonne universal 2 post hoist

Elecro-hydraulic, universal two post vehicle hoist, Suitable for industrial, commercial, and even domestic workshops,

Lifting Capacity, up to Working Height
4500kg 1890mm

Bradbury SB40 – 4 tonne hydraulic 2 post hoist

Elecric hydraulic operated two post vehicle hoist with clear floor frame design. Suitable for most cars and small vans.

Lifting Capacity, up to Working Height
4000kg 1940mm

Bradbury H2401B – 4 tonne base frame 2 post hoist

Electro hydraulic hoist, 3 stage arms, suitable for lifting most cars and small vans.

Lifting Capacity, up to Working Height
4000kg 1935mm + Lifting pads

Nussbaum Smart Lift 2.32 – 3.2 tonne 2 post hoist

Electro-mechanical, universal two post car hoist, Suitable for passenger vehicles.

Lifting Capacity, up to Working Height
3200kg 2010mm

Nussbaum Power Lift 2 80 SST DG – 6 tonne 2 post hoist

Hydraulic 2 post hoist, Double jointed arms system, folding inwards for easy pickup points reach. Suitable for passenger cars and transporters.

Lifting Capacity, up to Working Height
6000kg 1980mm

Before Buying a Vehicle Hoist

Before buying a vehicle hoist, it is important to know:

1. What type of vehicles will be worked on. 4wds, Sports cars, Commercial vehicles?
2. What work will be carried out on those vehicles? Crash repairs, Exhaust, Brakes?
3. Do you need to lift the vehicle by its wheels or chassis or both?
4. How much, width, length and height do you have in your bay>
5. What thickness and grade is your concrete floor?

For further information view our hoist selection information.

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