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Nussbaum Power Lift 2.60 SST DG – 2 Post Hoist 6t


Adaptable and strong 6000kg lifting capacity hydraulic 2 post hoist with double jointed arms.

The 2.60 SST DG is not only one of the most innovative hoists utilising Nussbaum’s SST proprietary technology but it is one of the most adaptable 2 post hoists.

With Nussbaum’s double jointed arms system, the arms fold inwards to easily reach the pick up points on small wheel base vehicles and when extended, they provide extreme stability lifting large and heavy vehicles.

The 6000kg lifting capacity means servicing anything from small cars to light trucks.

Key Features

  • Designed and developed and made in Germany by Nussbaum
  • Lifting capacity 6000kg
  • Equipped with flexible and space-saving “DG” double-jointed arms, the lift can pick up from smallest car (e.g. smart) up to large commercial vans with optimal height adapter
  • No mechanical connection between columns
  • Simple connection, can be over the top or installed in-ground
  • Fast lifting and lowering
  • Smooth start in lifting and lowering
  • SST (Safety Star Technology) – this Nussbaum proprietary system guarantees ultimate safety at any working height and synchronicity accuracy within 0.1mm


Lifting Capacity: 6000 kg
Max. Raised Height: 1980 mm
Min. Lowered Height: 105 mm
Min. Lifting Time: 65 seconds
Drive Through Width: 2510 mm
Width Between Columns: 2810 mm
Motor Power: 3 Phase, 400 volts
Min. Concrete Thickness: 250 mm



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