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The history of Molnar Hoists is one of engineering excellence, dedication, growth and a strong sense of Australian pride. The history of STENHØJ is one of innovative thinking, agility, initiative and a desire to build a successful global enterprise. Together, these two iconic brands are proving to be much greater than the sum of their parts.

Molnar is lifting the level of its product and service offering to the Australian and New Zealand automotive market with a superior choice of innovative and internationally acclaimed products now available. Molnar customers benefit from access to a truly international product range engineered and manufactured to the highest international standards of excellence.

Yet beyond an enhanced product offering, Molnar is also lifting the level of service, safety, quality, and efficiency within the Australian industry. Building on the strengths of the past, Molnar works towards a bright future as the company commits to a new era of products, programs and professionalism.
We look forward to delivering against this commitment for the benefit of our local team, our valued customers and our industry partners.

In 2019 Stenhoj Group became part of the Nexion Group: Worldwide market leader that designs, develops, produces, and sells hoists, wheel services, and automotive solutions. Nexion group consists of 19 integrated Brands with worldwide sales/distribution, 13 manufacturing plants located in different places, and sales subsidiaries split in 13 countries with over 3300 people.

“The Nexion Group will invest to grow the Molnar brand in Australia. We will continue to invest in service and support, bringing our experience to ensure Molnar’s reputation in the Australian market is maintained. The Nexion Group philosophy is to build on a great reputation of equipment while ensuring products are supported locally.” 


Our Commitment to Quality

As part of the Nexion Group, Molnar promises to deliver innovative products that equal or exceed the expectations of the highest global quality standards for vehicle hoists and related accessories.

Our quality commitment is to develop, manufacture and consistently deliver high quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer expectations. To meet this standard, we have implemented quality systems and processes that are continually being reviewed and improved to satisfy the changing needs of our customers around the world.

As part of our commitment to quality, we recognise the need for responsible environmental management and conservation of resources. Pollution prevention, recycling and reduction of all types of waste and emissions are integral parts of our environmental focus.


Ours Pillars of Commitment

Lifting the Safety

To increase knowledge of and adherence to the Australian Safety Standards for Vehicle Hoists. To implement or support initiatives to improve safe working practices when working with or around vehicle hoists with the objective to minimise the risk of injury or harm.

As part of the Nexion Group, Molnar has an international outlook on safety standards – and a proactive approach to workshop safety before, during and after the installation of a vehicle hoist.

Over and above our commitment to continuous product improvement, Molnar is working on a range of initiatives to boost safety and compliance including improved training programs, approved installer certification and an annual Molnar Scholarship to support new apprentice educational and training in Australia.

Lifting our Range

To continually improve the range of products available within the Australian market, and to consistently deliver a comprehensive set of products and related accessories plus readily available spare parts.

As part of the Nexion Group, Molnar has access to an expanded range of vehicle hoists and accessories plus a complementary range of workshop equipment for improved efficiency.

The largest range available within Australia, all products are backed by the Molnar by Nexion manufacturing quality commitment – regardless from where they originate. Our stringent quality control policies, procedures and testing protocols guarantee maximum quality for our products and maximum peace of mind for our customers.

Lifting the Efficiency

To support the Australian automotive industry and specifically Australian workshops by looking for products or processes that will enhance the efficiency, workflow and productivity without compromise to quality or safety.

Molnar understands the costs of running a workshop – and the significant costs associated with a hoist that stops working. That is why we are constantly seeking ways to improve workshop efficiency, over and above reliable product you can depend on.

We understand the benefits of a well-designed workshop and finding the hoist that is right for special workshop needs – now and into the future.

We also understand the need for speedy service and fast repair in the event of an issue, which is why we offer a 24-hour turnaround on spare parts – for products new and old.

Lifting the Investment

To maximise our investment in product development and manufacturing to extend the lifetime value of a vehicle hoist for our customers, and to maintain this investment with a commitment to spare parts and product support mechanisms.

We understand that purchasing a vehicle hoist is a significant capital investment – and an investment in the success of your business. With almost 200 years of combined history, Molnar by Nexion also understands why investing in the best equipment is good for your brand reputation.

As the preferred supply partner for premium automotive brands across the world, we remain committed to delivering cost effective access to a premium range of product – product optimised for a lifetime return on

Lifting our Service

To strive for excellent service before, during or after the sale of a product, and to continually look for ways to enhance our service offering and our customer service to our distributors and our customers.

The Molnar reputation is linked to the longevity and reliability of our products – a reputation that also relies on dependable after sales service and support. Easy access to genuine spare parts and accessories is all part of our customer guarantee for superior service and continued support, long after the sale.

Plus, take advantage of our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance programs and support tools. Molnar offers a range of services that can be customised to meet your needs and enhance the safety of your working environment.

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