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Who We Are

Molnar Hoists Pioneering Vehicle Lifting Solutions Since 1951

For over 7 decades, Molnar Hoists has been setting the standard in automotive lifting. We patented Australia’s first 2 post hoist in 1972, driven by a commitment to innovation, safety and efficiency.

We now have Australia’s most extensive range of car hoists, alongside advanced vehicle testing equipment. This ensures your workshop is more efficient and effective. Molnar is a name synonymous with quality, durability and reliability in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Our comprehensive after sales support extends from hoist  installation through to maintenance, ensuring you have easy access to genuine spare parts. Trust Molnar Hoists as your partner for superior automotive workshop solutions.

Why Choose Molnar Hoists

Molnar Hoists is lifting the level
Superior quality, value and support.

Improved efficiency

We know how garages operate. All of our products are practically designed to save you time and increase efficiency.

Increased customer satisfaction

Professional and reliable workshop equipment keeps your garage looking smart and helps you finish jobs on time.

Increased productivity

Molnar Hoists and vehicle testing equipment are all thoroughly tested and quality controlled to keep your workshop running.

Reduced downtime

Regular maintenance & calibration minimise any potential downtime. Full range of genuine spare parts with next day shipping.

It's What We Do
Maximise workshop space & increase efficiency
5 year warranty & competitive pricing
Continuing after sales support & service

Take your garage to the next level with Molnar Hoists

Best Quality Lifts and Hoists for
Cars & Heavy Vehicles

We manufacture professional, efficient and ergonomic hoists designed for both professional workshops and car enthusiasts.
Our hoists are built with 25 year structural lifetime guarantee and include a 3 year warranty.


2 Post Car Hoist

Range of 2 Post Hoist with or without base plate, lifting 3.5 tonne up to 7 tonne.


4 Post Car Hoist

Range of 4 Post Hoists lifting 4-6 tonne. Choose slip plates, wide platforms, run-up ramps, room for tuntables


Scissor Lifts

Choice of low rise, mid rise or full rise scissor lifts. Lifts vehicles up to 5.5 tonne.


Heavy Vehicle Hoist

Mobile columns lifting heavy vehicle like trucks and buses, up to 60 tonnes.


Parking Hoists Car Stackers

Able to safely and securely park up to 3 cars instead of 1. Hydraulic premium car stackers.

We help you

Select the Right Vehicle Hoist

Discover the perfect vehicle hoist from our diverse range for your workshop, tailored for vehicles and tasks performed.
We consider your space, usage frequency, and vehicle types when advising on the right hoist for your workshop.
A choice that enhances your workshop’s safety, efficiency, and speed.

Full Auto Service

Our CM245-A 2 post symmetrical hoist or CM245-AS 2 post asymmetrical hoist are perfect for general servicing of vehicles as access to all maintenance points is good. Our 4 post hoists are a versatile solution when used with jacking beams or are Rails wheel free 4 post hoist 4t or 5t.


Wheel Alignment

Designed to optimise operator access and workshop space, the 4 post Alignment hoist includes slip plates, long run-up ramps & plenty of room for turntables. Scissor Alignment lifts have no posts allowing for full access to all vehicle sides. Jacking beams create a wheel-free option.
View Wheel Alignment Hoists


Tyre & Wheel Service

Our CM360 full-rise double scissor hoist quickly lifts vehicle wheels free. Surface mounted with low profile (110MM). Can also be recessed into the ground. Working height over 2m. Full access to all sides.
View CM360 Double scissor hoist.

Wash Bay

Fully galvanised hoist structure makes it perfect for outdoor and wash bay applications. The Bradbury SB45 WB-G is a versatile 2 post hoist with low pad height of 95mm and adjustable lift pads. Clear floor frame design.
View wash bay hoist

Customers Faq

Long term warranties and competitive prices

Your complete partner for automotive service equipment in Australia.
We deliver to all major cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth & Hobart plus many regional towns across Australia.

How do I place an order with Molnar Hoists?

There are a few options to order a hoist;

  1. Fill out the form on the contact page,
  2. Send us an email with the details or
  3. Simply give our friendly team a call on 1300 665627.
How do I choose the right hoist for my workshop?

Choosing the correct vehicle hoist for your particular application is dependent on a few different factors.

  • The ceiling height in your garage, shed or workshop
  • The concrete depth and suitability within your work area
  • The type of vehicles you will be placing on the hoist
  • The type of mechanical work you will be carrying out

We have a comprehensive range of 2 post hoists, 4 post hoists, scissor lifts, car parking stackers. Hoists to suit cars, trucks, vans, caravans and heavy vehicles.

All of our hoists come with a 3 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Factors to consider when selecting a car lift?

When deciding on a car lift for your garage, there are several important factors to keep in mind. The first consideration should be the hoist’s capacity, as different models come in a variety of capacities ranging from 3 tonne portable to 4.5 tonne clear floor hydraulic hoists.

It is also important to consider the type of vehicle you will be lifting, as certain models are designed to be more compatible with high-performance or narrow-width vehicles.

Safety is another key factor, with features such as safety locks and remote control operation making them safe and easy to use.

Additionally, factors such as the tyre changer and wheel balancers can also influence your decision, as can the reputation of the manufacturer. Australia-wide companies that have specialised in selling the best hoists since 1972, like Molnar Hoists are likely to offer the best value and high-quality vehicle lifting solutions.

Do you stock spare parts for your car hoists?

Yes, we carry an extensive range of genuine spare parts at Molnar Hoists. We aim to ship them the next day.

How to order a spare part?

To order a spare part please email with the model number, part description, spare part number and quantity that you require.

To find a spare part or part number please refer to the Spare parts identification manual for your hoist model.

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