A regularly updated list of our most frequently asked questions.

Should you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us at info@molnarhoists.com.au for a response.

What type of hydraulic oil should be used?
High Quality, 46 Weight, Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil such as Shell Tellus T46; Mobil DTE25; Castrol Hyspin AWH46; BP Bartran HV46; or equivalent. 46 Weight is good average specification for Australia, we suggest a thinner oil weight of 32 for colder climates and a thicker weight of 60 for hotter climates.

I have a Molnar Hoist, how can I find out how old it is?
Molnar Hoists have produced a quick reference guide for our most popular hoist models so you can easily see what year your hoist was made.
The table shows the first serial number produced for the corresponding year. Download Molnar Hoists Serial Number List

Please note that Molnar Hoists recommend replacement of vehicle hoists in commercial situations that are 25 years or older. For further information, please Contact Us.

What power supply is required for the hoist?
The power units for most Molnar vehicle hoists come standard with a 3-phase electric motor, however a single-phase motor is also available as an option but will usually require hard wiring with a large circuit as the current is a lot stronger to run the 240-volt motor.

I struggle to pick up vans, four-wheel-drives, utes, etc. Is there anything available to help safely reach the proper pick-up points?
Molnar Hoists manufacture a range of Accessories to provide safe lifting options for difficult vehicles. Click on the accessories tab on the product page or go to the Accessories Page.

Can I self-install?
It is highly recommended to get a professional hoist technician to install your hoist however the install of a hoist can be performed by a person with the suitable skills and experience to qualify as a competent person. If you would like assistance arranging installation, please Contact Us.

How do I arrange for installation and service?
In Australia Molnar Services can arrange for installation, training, service, repairs, removals and relocations. Visit the Molnar Services Website or contact your sales agent for more information.

Where can I buy spare parts and how long will they take to get to me?
We are manufacturing spare parts in South Australia and we stock them in Adelaide Warehouse. Most parts will ship the same day.

Do you sell second hand hoists?
The focus at Molnar Hoists is to manufacture premium quality hoist products that are long last and provide the best cost of ownership over the life of the hoist. With the tax benefits, depending on your situation, leasing a hoist can be a very effective way to own a new hoist at an affordable rate. We do not sell second hand hoist but if buying second hand we highly recommend asking for evidence of regular maintenance if purchasing second hands goods – a well maintained Molnar hoist will last a very long time.

Why shouldn’t I buy non-Molnar accessories or spare parts?
A great deal of time and effort is spent designing, specifying and testing accessories and spare parts to ensure they are strong, safe and long-lasting. Non-genuine articles may be cheaper up front but often need to be replaced more frequently, and at worst can put your hoist and your safety in jeopardy.

Can I get Molnar hoist in a colour other than red?
Yes, we offer an extensive range of customised powder coated finishes to match any workshop design or corporate colour scheme. Our team works with you to find the perfect match to your requirements.