Hoist Installation

What we can offer

Molnar Service offers professional and high quality vehicle hoist installation. We ensure your hoist is safe and meets Australian Standards.

Delivery & Install

We offer delivery of your new hoist and installation for all our hoists.


Qualified Installers

Our hoist installers are trained, qualified and very experienced.


Regulatory Education

Regulatory education including correct Logbook use and record keeping requirements.


Fast Turnaround Time

We have a fast turn around time between the time you place your order and installation of your hoist.


Instruction Manuals

Our hoist come with comprehensive operational and maintenance manuals for the operator.


Follow up Visit

We have a 6 week follow up visit to check hoist and retrain staff if required.



Ensure your site is prepared correctly with our pre-installation checklist*


Hoist Owners Pack

Logbook and fact sheets clearly explaining Australian standards and other important hoist safety information.


Relocation Service

Molnar Hoists offere a hoist removal and hoist relocation service.


How to Choose Vehicle Hoist & Lifts

Download your copy of our pre-installation checklist.

Before Installing your hoist

Prior to installation, Molnar Services carries out a pre-install check* to ensure your installation runs smoothly, efficiently and with the least amount of cost and disturbance to your business.


1. Space

  • What is the ceiling height?
  • What space is there for the hoist and clearance around the hoist?
  • Considering the turning circle of the vehicles serviced, will the hoist be at the right angle and position?

2. Floor

  • What is the thickness of the concrete?
  • What type, grade and strength is the concrete?
  • Is the floor flat or what angle is it sloping at?

3. Electrical

  • Have you got 3 phase power or only Single Phase at the site?
  • Will you have an electrician on site on installation day to commission the hoist?
  • What preparations does the electrician need to make before the hoist arrives?

4. Existing Hoist

  • Does an existing hoist have to be remove or relocated before installing the new one?

5. Access

  • Can the site be clearly accessed by a truck for delivery?
  • Can our technician’s vehicles get clear access to the install site?
  • Is this a new building site or an existing workshop?
  • Is there a forklift available to unload the truck?
  • Will the site be clear or will people be working around the area?

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