Testmaster RT130 – Heavy Vehicle Brake Tester

Stenhoj Testmaster RT130 Heavy Duty Brake Tester trucks bus cars suvs 4wd caravans trailers


The Testmaster RT130, crafted with German precision for the Australian market, is a roller brake tester designed to ensure the road safety of heavy vehicles from trucks, buses, and caravans to trailers. Capable of handling an axle load of up to 13 tonnes, this mobile brake tester seamlessly tests braking systems from trucks to trailers, affirming they meet and exceed stringent safety standards NHVR 2019. Accommodating up to nine axles, the RT130 is as versatile as it is robust.

Featuring state-of-the-art software that complies with the NHVR 2019 National RBT procedure, the RT130 guarantees accurate and straightforward brake system assessments.  Its durable construction includes stainless steel rollers with integrated sensors for vehicle detection and a hot-dipped galvanised frame for enhanced wear and corrosion protection.

Beyond rigorous testing, the RT130 brake tester is built for convenience; optional accessories like weighing devices and advanced sensors enrich your testing capabilities, while its user-friendly software allows for effortless testing of truck brakes from the driver’s seat. The RT130 also boasts height adjustability with its precision screws.

Known for its reliable performance, the RT130 makes analysing brake effectiveness easy. It delivers clear results that can be printed, stored, or sent electronically, ensuring that your heavy vehicle fleet maintains the highest safety readiness. With the Testmaster RT130, peace of mind comes standard, assuring you that your vehicles are ready for the road.

Key Features

    • Maximum axle load 15 tonne
    • Roller diameter 205mm
    • Installation depth 280mm
    • Track width minimum 800mm, maximum 2,800mm
    • Self-supporting, hot-dip galvanised, roller set
    • Drive motors with planetary gears. High motor capacity with minimal Amps required.
    • Drive motors: 2 x 9kW braking power: 36kN
    • Testing speed 2.6 km/h
    • Control:
      Manual/automatic operation
      Delayed automatic switch-on
      Slip switch-off, analogue stop
      Automatic restart
      Switch off after driving out
      Start up monitoring
      Drive-off assistance
    • Wear -free, electronic DMS measuring system with shear force transducer with integrated measuring amplifier
    • Made in Germany


Drive over load: 13000 kg
Testing speed: 2.6 km/hour
Motors: 2 x 7.5 kW
Roller diameter: 205 mm
Test width: 800 – 2800 mm
Test load: at 50% braking 12 tonne
Fuse: min. 3 x 32 A inert
Power supply: 3 x 400 V, N, PE 50 MHz
Brake Force: 32 kN
Dimensions, analogue display box: W 810 x H 670 x D 70 mm
Dimensions, roller set: L 2950 x W 680 x H 250 mm


Testmaster RT130 truck brake testing

Roller Brake Testing Testmaster RT130 by AutopStenhoj made in Germany

Testmaster RT130 Roller Brake Testing with drive on ramps for heavy vehicles

Autopstenhoj Testmaster RT130 truck brake tester

Stenhoj Testmaster RT130 Heavy Duty Brake Tester trucks bus cars suvs 4wd caravans trailers

Stenhoj Testmaster RT130 Heavy Duty Brake Tester. Testing brakes on trucks bus cars suvs 4wd caravans trailers


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