CM360 – Full Rise Double Scissor Lift 3.6tonne

Molnar CM360 Full Rise double scissor hoist


The CM360 scissor hoist is surface mounted giving a low profile of just 110mm with an excellent max working height of 2030 mm. Can be recessed into the ground.

This 3.6 tonne Full Rise Scissor Hoist is suitable for workshops with limited space. It is ideal for tyre repairer and car body shops, as it allows full access to all sides of the vehicle.

The low profile platforms are ideal for lifting a large range of vehicles including low skirted sport cars.

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Key Features

  • 3.6 tonne lifting capacity
  • Double master & Slave hydraulic system
  • Sturdy scissor construction
  • No mechanical connection between scissor sections
  • Low minimum height
  • High max lifting height
  • Emergency lowering valve
  • 3 year warranty


Lifting Capacity: 3600 kg
Lifting Height: 2030 mm
Working Height: 110 mm – 2030 mm
Lifting/Lowering Time: approx. 40 seconds
Motor Unit: 3 kW
Voltage: 400V 50Hz 16A (single phase available)
Platform Length: 1885 mm – 2204 mm
Platform Width: 628 mm
Distance Between Platforms: 800 mm
Minimum Height: 110 mm

Frequently Asked Questions about Full rise Double Scissor Hoist


What is a full rise scissor lift?

A full rise scissor lift is a machine used to raise vehicles when they need work to be carried out underneath. The full rise vehicle scissor lift, can also be used when working on a vehicle’s wheels or brake components to bring the vehicle up to a comfortable working height.

Unlike low rise scissor lifts and mid rise scissor lifts, the full rise lets you stand upright while you work. Plus compared to 2 post hoist and 4 post hoist designs, they offer a smaller footprint and no side posts to clutter your work area.

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to access the underside of your vehicle, then a mid-rise scissor lift is the perfect solution. Not only will it bring your car or SUV to an accessible working height, but it also eliminates any risk associated with jacking up one side, slipping underneath and hoping that gravity doesn’t take hold. Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast or run an auto repair shop, investing in this reliable piece of equipment is essential for any automotive maintenance project.

What is the difference between scissor lift and ewp (elevated work platform)?

An aerial work platform (AWP), also referred to as an aerial device, elevating work platform (EWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), is a piece of machinery designed to provide people or equipment with temporary access to hard-to-reach areas, often at a height.

When it comes to accessing difficult locations, there are two distinct types of platforms available: scissor lifts and boom lifts (commonly known as cherry pickers). The primary difference between the two is that while scissor lifts can only move vertically, boom lifts have an extended reach allowing them to access places not accessible from below.

Scissor lifts essentially consist of a wheeled platform which can be raised and lowered using controls connected to either side of the unit via a scissor (or pantograph) mechanism. This lifting motion is generated when pressure is applied on the external edges of the lift frame.

What are scissor lifts used for?

Scissor lifts offer incredible versatility across many industries, from construction to entertainment and more. This type of lift has a platform capable of lifting people, goods, and equipment up to 18 metres high – making them a practical solution for those who need a convenient way to raise or lower items.

Automotive scissor lifts are also referred to as car scissor lifts, auto scissor lifts or garage scissor lifts. Specifically designed to place vehicles at ergonomic heights that enable easier maintenance tasks, they have become an essential piece of equipment within the automotive industry.

If you don’t have enough clearance in your garage but still want the convenience of a car hoist, portable car scissor lifts offer the ideal solution!

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