CM245-AS – 2 Post Asymmetrical Car Hoist 4.5tonne

Molnar CM245-AS 2 post assymetrical car hoist


The Molnar CM245-AS two post car hoist is a asymmetrical 4.5 tonne electro-hydraulic two post vehicle hoist available with 3 phase or optional single phase motor power.

This hoist is suitable for vehicle repair and maintenance within industrial, commercial, and even domestic workshops.

The double telescopic arm length makes the CM245-AS hoist one of the most versatile on the market, suitable for the smallest of cars through to large SUVs.

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Key Features

  • Clear floor (no base frame)
  • Vehicle rear positioning for optimum door opening angle
  • Unique asymmetric column design for greater stability
  • Single hydraulic unit
  • Carriage with slide blocks
  • Push button control unit with upper protection limit
  • Park Button and direct down functionality
  • Mechanical synchronisation
  • Safety rachet system (no expensive compression air required)
  • Dual height and width settings
  • Ability to parallel park arms; eases pad positioning
  • Automatic arm locking system
  • Very low minimum height
  • Suitable for small to large passenger cars
  • 80mm & 180mm pad extension included
  • 3 year warranty


Lifting Capacity: 4500 kg
Lifting Height: 1990 mm
Working Height: 1900 mm – 2013 mm
Lifting/Lowering Time: approx. 30 seconds
Motor Unit: 3.0 kW
Voltage: 400V 50Hz 16A (single phase available)
Lifting pad: 90 – 113 mm adjustable
Minimum Height: 90 mm
Drive-through width: 2160 mm (+ 250 mm optional)
Total Width – outer edges base plates: 3250 mm (+ 250 mm optional)
Total Height – including post: 4220 mm or optional 3995 mm low setting
Arm length front, minimum – maximum: 600 – 1250 mm
Arm length rear, minimum – maximum: 600 – 1250 mm

Frequently Asked Questions about 2 Post Asymmetric 4.5t car Hoist


What is the difference between a clear floor 2 post hoist and a standard 2 post hoist?

The advantage of a “clear floor” model is the way it allows you to move jacks and equipment conveniently through the middle area of the hoist. This design makes it easier for you to carry out gearbox or transmission replacement and other major maintenance.

The “clear floor” 2 post hoist allows you to move jacks and equipment easily through the middle area of the hoist – offering you a seamless experience when conducting major maintenance, such as gearbox or transmission replacement. With this design, you’ll have all the expertise you need to get the job done right.

Is it ok to leave a car up on a 2 post hoist for an extended period of time?

You can definitely leave your car on a two post hoist for an extended period of time – so long as the safety locks are properly engaged and the car isn’t resting on the hydraulics. Still, it’s important to remember that cars are not made to stay lifted off their wheels for prolonged periods of time, so you should confirm with your vehicle’s manufacturer if you’re uncertain.

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical car hoist

No matter your automotive needs, when it comes to car hoists, there are two main types: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Both hoists provide the same service – elevating a vehicle off the ground so mechanics can easily access them without having to cral on the ground, but they have distinct differences in design and functionality. (mainly column post or arm configuration)

Symmetrical hoists evenly distribute the weight to the front and rear of the car or truck by squarely positioning the vehicle at the centre of the hoist. On the other hand, Asymmetric lifting allows for vehicles to be positioned slightly further back making it easy to open the doors to access inside the vehicle. This is especially practical if you raise and lower a large number of vehicles every day and want to get in and out quickly.

A Symmetric vehicle hoist is only better than an asymmetrical hoist if the vehicle has a longer wheelbase and is heavier in the rear. If these conditions don’t apply, then it’s best to use an asymmetric car lift. Contact us to discuss your options further.

Where should I place my car on an asymmetric hoist?

To ensure a safe and secure lift, move your vehicle forward until 30% is situated in front of the columns. Make sure all the lift pads are facing towards the back end of the car. When you have it set up correctly, pull out the arms and place each pad on its designated lifting point.

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